A coalition of industry leaders formed to represent manufacturers, distributors, and users on issues related to the efficacy and environmental impact of fire fighting foams.  

Over the last two years state and federal laws have been passed in the United States that restrict the sale and use of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF). These laws are focused on eliminating the use of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which include the fluorosurfactants that are key ingredients in AFFF.  Some of these laws restrict only the use of AFFF for testing and training, while others include restrictions on the sale of AFFF.  FFFC has produced a newsletter that summarizes some but not necessarily all of these laws.



FFFC is a regular contributor to leading industry trade journals with articles covering environmental, regulatory and technical issues related to the use of fire fighting foams.


FFFC publishes the AFFF update to provide the latest information on issues that affect the manufacture and use of fire fighting foams.

FFFC has published a guidance document and flyer that outline steps that should be taken to protect the environment when using fluorinated Class B foams such as AFFF, AR-AFFF, FFFP, AR-FFFP, FP, and AR-FP. They include guidance on proper foam selection, containing and eliminating foam discharge, and disposal of foam and firewater. The flyer is available in ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, and SPANISH.


Fire Fighting Foam Coalition (FFFC) is a non-profit trade association formed in 2001 to focus on issues related to the efficacy and environmental impact of fire fighting foams.  The coalition provides a focal point for industry technical reviews, development of industry positions, and interactions with relevant organizations such as environmental agencies, militaries, approval agencies, and standards bodies. Members are AFFF manufacturers, fluorosurfactant manufacturers, and distributors.


  • Support users of fire fighting foam by serving as a single source for accurate, balanced information on environmental and performance related questions.  

  • Establish a dialog with environmental and regulatory authorities to ensure that they have accurate information about the manufacture and use of fire fighting foams.

  • Promote responsible environmental stewardship by developing and disseminating information on best practices for the use and disposal of fire fighting foams.



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